Seismic Waves: Volume 1

A Bandcamp Friday Surprise! Seismic Waves: Volume 1 is out now. A 15 track compilation available on LP (July) CD (later this month) and digital. I started putting this together in the fall. I am biased, but i think It is pretty darn cool.
Who is on it?
1. Heet Deth – No Ego
2. Resurrectionists – Foxy Powers Went to Ground
3. Hands Up Who Wants to Die – Welcome to Country
4. Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends – Chekov’s Grift
5. Lung – Maryland Monroe
6. DEAD – Pressing Matters
7. Richard Normal Valentine – Razor
8. The Art Gray Noizz Quintet – Powerhauzz
9. Suckling – South Side of the Sky
10. USA Nails – Character Stop (Live)
11. The Tunnel – Midnight
12. Crooks On Tape – Tunnel Vision Fantasy
13. Porcelain – Resume Restart
14. The Triceratops – Procrastinating
15. Vestments – Dolores Christ

It has been a lot of work, but the idea is to create something really cool and special that goes beyond clicking some “content” on the internet to be immediately consumed and moved on from.

Of the many songs included, there is a brand new Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends song called Chekov’s Grift. Anyway, buy link in the comments because that’s how the ZUCK likes it! Consider picking up a copy for this labor of love (accent on the labor… and the love… but mostly the labor!), on this… the most holy of days… bandcamp friday!

Light it up and keep it lit, because music should hit you like a Seismic Wave

-NeutronSeismic Waves: Volume 1 by Seismic Wave Entertainment…

Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends – May 2024

May tour dates!

5/17 – Hardline Coffee Company, Sioux City, IA

5/18 – Crystal Corner Bar, Madison, Wisconsin #

5/19 – Cactus Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin %+

5/21 – Northside Tavern, Cincinnati, OH >

5/22 – Planet of the Tapes, Louisville, KY*

5/23 – Liar’s Club, Chicago, Illinois*$

5/24-5/27 – Caterwaul, Minneapolis, MN

5/28 – High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI^

# w/ The Cult of Lip

% w/ Body Futures

+ w/ Hot Coffin

> w/ CNTS

* w Part Chimp

$ w/ Art Gray Noizz Quintet

^ w Brainiac Band

Hopefully that doesn’t read like the Zodiac Killer code. First midwest shows since last summer, wow, really? Yeah I guess so. Great poster by Plastic Flame Press

Lung / Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends West Coast Adult Prom tour, October 2023! 

10/06/2023 – Tempe/AZ – Time Out Lounge W/Bright Sunshine, Hot Probs
10/07/2023 – Los Angeles/CA – Redwood Bar and Grill w/The Freeks
10/08/2023 – San Francisco/CA – Bottom of the Hill (Afternoon BBQ Show) w/Cassette Prophet
10/09/2023 – Sacramento/CA – Old Ironsides
10/10/2023 – Reno/NV – The Loving Cup w/Elephant Rifle
10/11/2023 – Eugene/OR – Sam Bond’s Garage w/Silence Mill
10/12/2023 – Portland/OR – High Water Mark
10/13/2023 – Bellingham/WA – Make Shift Art Space (Bellingham Exit)
10/14/2023 – Seattle/WA – Southgate Roller Rink (Rat City Recon)

All dates with LUNG. We will have LP and CD of Adult Prom at all of these shows. Pre-orders still available.

Lung / Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends – ADULT PROM – SW033

LUNG x CONAN NEUTRON & THE SECRET FRIENDS: cello-grunge powerhouse joins forces with Melvins-affiliated rockers on electrifying new split LP; West Coast tour announced

Learning Curve Records announces the October 6th release of Adult Prom, the new split LP by Lung and Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends.Pre-order the album, here:

Stream new Lung track, “Fucked Up Darling,” here:

Stream new Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends track, “Wild Antics,” here: 

Adult Prom is an example of the magic that can happen when an unlikely pair of bands, bonded more by spirit than by sound, choose to join forces and make a thing together. Like a mouthful of sugar and salt, the contrast between the two reveals the power of each. Where Lung brings sheer intensity, executed with dark, neoclassical flair, Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends revel in an exuberant, noisy reimagining of classic rock. Despite the divergent energies, these bands are united by friendship and mutual respect and they give themselves, one hundred percent, to this project. On Adult Prom, not only do the two share space on a slab of vinyl; each also covers one song by the other, reinterpreting it in its own singular style, and members lend their talents to other tracks as guest vocalists and musicians.

Explaining how the collab came to be, Conan Neutron states, simply: “We are fans of each other’s music and enjoy each other’s company and it just seemed like a cool thing to do.”

From Cincinnati, Ohio, Lung consists of Kate Wakefield, a classically trained opera singer and cellist, and drummer Daisy Caplan, formerly of Foxy Shazam. Fierce, ethereal, and heavy as hell, Lung rocks with the intensity of early grunge, layered with sinister undertones. “Tony Iommi teaching a Nirvana class at Juilliard,” reads one review from Cincinnati paper CityBeat.

“PJ Harvey is absolutely brilliant,” states Wakefield. “I also am a huge fan of Tori Amos, Hole, Cibo Matto. I also love dramatic classical composers like Prokofiev, Sibelius and Barber – who are all pretty metal, in a way. Daisy has also introduced me to tons of bands that have influenced our style since we started playing, like Minutemen, Smart Went Crazy, and Death From Above. Our sound is intentionally genre-bending, but the consistent thread is that everything we do has an intensity to it. We mean every word and every note we play, and people can feel that.”People can feel that, indeed, as Wakefield runs her cello through distortion pedals and big amps, and Caplan pounds out earthquaking beats on cartoonishly bell-shaped, vintage North drums. A relentless touring machine, the duo has played over 700 shows across North America and Europe, on bills with Brainiac, Screaming Females, Fucked Up, and so many more.

With roots in Oakland, California, transplanted to Milwaukee, Conan Neutron is a wildly prolific musician, podcaster, and impresario. As a co-founder and curator of Caterwaul Festival, and as the founder and host of the Protonic Reversal podcast, Neutron is a self-built pillar of what he has termed “independent-minded, iconoclastic, noisy music.” With Caterwaul, he has helped create an annual fest that has quickly become a major new axis for this “noisy music” scene, putting the likes of Flipper and Chat Pile on one stage and serving to strengthen a community of diverse, yet connected, bands and fans. With Protonic Reversal, he has chatted for hours with an absolutely legendary list of artists – members of The Stooges, Devo, The Birthday Party, Black Flag, and Fugazi, to name but a few – amassing a huge library of conversations that exists as a resource for the world to enjoy.As a band leader, Neutron wields the same creative fire and the same knack for putting exceptional people under one roof. His rhythm section, The Secret Friends, consists of none other than Melvins drum-slayer Dale Crover and bassist Tony Ash, formerly of Coliseum. (When Neutron takes the show on the road, he and Ash are joined by a revolving cast of live players – “a bench deeper than a baseball team,” in Neutron’s words.)Contrary to what one might expect from these guys, the sound hits like a burlier version of power pop – more Cheap Trick than AmRep. Honed over four full-length albums and shows with Big Business, Torche, and more, the songwriting and execution are world-class. Crover’s iconic drumming lays the foundation for rich tones, sweet hooks, and Neutron’s croon.Given the underground cred of Neutron and his gang, their choice to rock unabashedly might come across like a subversive act. Neutron puts it like this: “What we do is BIG WEIRD ROCK MUSIC. I have to throw the WEIRD in, because when people think of rock music they tend to think of slavish imitators of bygone eras or a specific kind of very safe consonant guitar music for middle managers and wraparound shade dads.”

One press release from the recent past calls it: “small scale arena rock for smart alecks and malcontents.”Lung’s tracks on Adult Prom were recorded and mixed by John Hoffman at The Lodge in Dayton, KY; Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends’ trackswere engineered and mixed by Toshi Kasai. The album was mastered by Shellac’s Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

Adult Prom’s album artwork, created by Aaron Cross, comprises paintings of the two bands’ vans – two 2006 Ford Econolines, coincidentally. On October 6th, the day of the LP’s release, Lung and Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends will get in said vans and kick off a West Coast tour together. (See those dates, along with Lung’s other upcoming touring, below.)Adult Prom tracklist:1) Lung – Fucked Up Darling
2) Lung – Kingpin
3) Lung – Cash Machine (Two Ton Boa cover)
4) Lung – The Impossible Task (Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends cover)
5) Lung – Pastor
6) Lung – Anyone Else (feat. Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends)
7) Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – Wild Antics
8) Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – Crybullies
9) Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – Fridging (feat. Kate Wakefield of Lung)
10) Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – I’m Nervous (Lung cover)
11) Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – Criminal Hypnosis
12) Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – We Were WolvesLung w/ Screaming Females:Aug 16 – Morgantown, WV @ 123 Pleasant St
Aug 17 – Cincinnati, OH @ Legends
Aug 18 – Chattanooga, TN @ Songbirds
Aug 19 – Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records
Aug 20 – Washington, DC @ Songbyrd
Sep 1 – Michigan City, IN @ Oktoberfest
Sep 2 – Indianapolis, IN @ Romanus Fest
Sep 7 – Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light
Sep 8 – Athens, GA @ Flicker Theatre

Lung w/ Djunah:

Sep 9 – Savannah, GA @ It Takes Two fest
Sep 10 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
Sep 11 – Asheville, NC @ Grey Eagle

Lung w/ Thelma and the Sleaze:
Sep 19 – Newport, KY @ Southgate House Revival
Sep 20 – Louisville, KY @ Whirling Tiger
Sep 21 – Athens, OH @ Union
Sep 22 – Cincinnati OH @ Fountain Square
Sep 23 – Lafayette, IN @ North End Pub
Sep 24 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle

Sep 26 – St. Louis, MO @ CBGB
Sep 28 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
Sep 29 – Austin, TX @ The Electric Church
Sep 30 – San Angelo, TX @ The Deadhorse
Oct 1 – El Paso TX @ Mona
Oct 2 – Bisbee, AZ @ The Quarry
Lung w/ Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends:

Oct 6 – Tempe, AZ @ Time Out Lounge
Oct 7 – Los Angeles, CA @ Redwood Bar and Grill
Oct 8 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
Oct 9 – Sacramento, CA @ Old Ironsides
Oct 10 – Reno, NV @ The Loving Cup
Oct 11 – Eugene, OR @ Sam Bond’s Garage
Oct 12 – Portland, OR @ High Water Mark
Oct 13 – Bellingham, WA @ Make Shift Art Space
Oct 14 – Seattle, WA @ Southgate Roller RinkLung:


Oct 20 – Logansport, IN @ The Record Farm
Oct 21 – Dayton, OH @ Dayton Music Fest

Photo of Lung, by Rachelle Caplan
Photo of Conan Neutron, by Abbey Garside

Resurrectionists – Now That We Are All Ghosts: SW031

Now That We Are All Ghosts will be released on Seismic Wave Entertainment April 3rd, 2023 in LP, CD and Digital formats. Nine songs of Chamber Doom Americana. Frequently described as cinematic, the band will be releasing a video for all nine songs, an ambitious undertaking that rarely sees fruition. The album is self-engineered, recorded and produced, and mastered by Bob Weston of Chicago Mastering Service.

In the fall of 2019, Milwaukee’s Resurrectionists released an album they called What Comes In, a collection of everyman trouble tales delivered with enough wit and Midwestern twang that one could imagine Will Oldham settling into them.

As everyone knows, very little outside of the natural world remained the same after the year 2020, and so it was with Resurrectionists as well. Hardy was replaced by multi-instrumentalist Gian Pogliano, trading Hardy’s mournful swells for Pogliano’s spin-the-wheel-of-sonic-atmospheric sensibilities. The change is evident on the new Resurrectionists long-player Now That We Are All Ghosts. The twang remains in Cannon’s banjo pluck, and the band hasn’t lost their goth-country-as-fuck Appalachia via Milwaukee aesthetic, all of which perfectly supports Cannon’s words and vocals which, if we’re being totally honest, are the real show. Not only is Cannon a ridiculously skilled lyricist; he can sing the hell out of his songs with a tent preacher’s conviction and a working class punk’s urgency. Think D. Boon with the life experience of a forty-something man fronting The Bad Seeds in a Wisconsin log cabin in the dead of winter. You get the idea. Now That We Are All Ghosts is a collection of life-or-death songs that are that haunting, that primal. It’s an album made for these weird times.

Frequently described as: “The Best Live Band in Milwaukee” When WORK drummer Kavi Laud moved to Austin, TX a few years ago, Joe Cannon pressed pause on that outfit and fired up something entirely new with WORK bassist Jeff Brueggeman, drummer Josh Barto and a stellar pedal steel guitar player named Gavin Hardy and thus, Resurrectionists were born.

Now That We Are All Ghosts – SW031: Seismic Wave Entertainment

Caterwaul 2023 is Friday, May 26th through Monday, May 29th 2023 in Minneapolis, MN

Caterwaul 2023 Tickets

Friday, May 26th, 2023 – at Mortimer’s

Tongue Party
Elephant Rifle
Wailin’ Storms
Moon Pussy
Asbestos Worker

Saturday, May 27th, 2023 – at Palmer’s

Hands Up Who Wants to Die
Child Bite

Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends 
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
Them Teeth
Delicious Monsters
Burned or Buried
Upright Forms

Sunday, May, 29th, 2023 – at Palmer’s

Distorted Pony
USA Nails
Rid of Me
A Deer A Horse

Kal Marks
The Art Gray Noizz Quintet
Couch Slut
Mr Phylzzz
Heet Deth
Action Chief

Monday, May 30th, 2023 – at Palmer’s

Animal Bite
The Tunnel
Terminus Victor
Work Party
Primitive Broadcast Service
Another Heaven
Chief Tail
Something is Waiting
Gay Witch Abortion

4 Days of fantastic music and fantastic times.


$120 – 4 Day Pass

SW032: Action Chief – Just The Solos

This is a “new” band, long time coming. I (Conan) just play guitar in this. Which has been a super cool challenge/constraint for me. I really love what we came up with, and I think Mike Lust did an amazing job recording it, a bit different than anything in any other band i’ve been in. 

My stated goal was to try “just shred” in this one, a thing i’ve never done before in any band, largely because my guitar playing existed somewhere in the “evolved caveman” category of skill for most of my life. Joseph Cannon capably and defty write the lyrics and sings (Resurrectionists, WORK, Check Engine, etc.) in this collaboration we started 4 1/2 years or so ago. We’re now joined by noted rhythm section badasses Tony Ash and Jonathan Brown on bass and drums, who absolutely killed it.

There have been more than a few false starts over the years, but we liked the songs so much we wanted to make them live and laid hands on this weirdness during this whole *gestures around* thing going on. We really dig how this weird little record turned out. Whole thing on bandcamp now if you’d like to check it out, and if you want to buy a cd, download or art print you can do that too.
Album art by Aesthetic Apparatus. Who you may recognize from the many different awesome christian fitness records. Link to the record in the comments.

Action Chief – Just the Solos – Digital/cd 08/2022…

Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends and The Erratic Retaliator Strategy present: Dangerous Nomenclature 

“What’s in a name? Would ‘Kiss From a Rose’ by any other name sound so sweet?”
Easy concept, kids. Two bands that are idiosyncratic and unique and are frequently related to the cultural dead end of “project” team up for a wild concept.

THE MISSION: pick 3 song titles
Each band writes a song to the song title, without hearing or knowing anything about the other band’s work.

The title inspires the music, the lyrics, the entire approach. Certainly things have a chance of getting interesting, yes?

Anyway, what transpires is the results of this collaboration/challenge. Feast your ears upon it… if you dare!

VINYL PRE-ORDER COMING SOON THROUGH LEARNING CURVE RECORDS, when we have a more realistic idea of the timeline when it might actually arrive. Thank all the Adele and Taylor Swift collector’s records for that.


released February 4, 2022

The Erratic Retaliator Strategy
Mike – guitar, vocals
Ron – bass, vocals

Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends:
Conan Neutron – Vocals/Guitars
Tony Ash – Bass
Dale Crover – Drums
Toshi Kasai – Backup Vocals, Keys, Synth

Recorded and produced April 15th, 2021 and September 11th, 2021 by Toshi Kasai at Sound of Sirens

NeutronFriends Heavy Industries, Worldwide.

Artwork by Chris Williams – Plastic Flame Press (
Mastered by Bob Weston, Chicago Mastering Service, January 2022

LCR-080-1 / SW030