Resurrectionists – Now That We Are All Ghosts – SW031

Now That We Are All Ghosts will be released on Seismic Wave Entertainment April 3rd, 2023 in LP, CD and Digital formats. Nine songs of Chamber Doom Americana. Frequently described as cinematic, the band will be releasing a video for all nine songs, an ambitious undertaking that rarely sees fruition. The album is self-engineered, recorded and produced, and mastered by Bob Weston of Chicago Mastering Service.

In the fall of 2019, Milwaukee’s Resurrectionists released an album they called What Comes In, a collection of everyman trouble tales delivered with enough wit and Midwestern twang that one could imagine Will Oldham settling into them.

As everyone knows, very little outside of the natural world remained the same after the year 2020, and so it was with Resurrectionists as well. Hardy was replaced by multi-instrumentalist Gian Pogliano, trading Hardy’s mournful swells for Pogliano’s spin-the-wheel-of-sonic-atmospheric sensibilities. The change is evident on the new Resurrectionists long-player Now That We Are All Ghosts. The twang remains in Cannon’s banjo pluck, and the band hasn’t lost their goth-country-as-fuck Appalachia via Milwaukee aesthetic, all of which perfectly supports Cannon’s words and vocals which, if we’re being totally honest, are the real show. Not only is Cannon a ridiculously skilled lyricist; he can sing the hell out of his songs with a tent preacher’s conviction and a working class punk’s urgency. Think D. Boon with the life experience of a forty-something man fronting The Bad Seeds in a Wisconsin log cabin in the dead of winter. You get the idea. Now That We Are All Ghosts is a collection of life-or-death songs that are that haunting, that primal. It’s an album made for these weird times.

Frequently described as: “The Best Live Band in Milwaukee” When WORK drummer Kavi Laud moved to Austin, TX a few years ago, Joe Cannon pressed pause on that outfit and fired up something entirely new with WORK bassist Jeff Brueggeman, drummer Josh Barto and a stellar pedal steel guitar player named Gavin Hardy and thus, Resurrectionists were born.

Now That We Are All Ghosts – SW031: Seismic Wave Entertainment