Seismic Waves: Volume 1

A Bandcamp Friday Surprise! Seismic Waves: Volume 1 is out now. A 15 track compilation available on LP (July) CD (later this month) and digital. I started putting this together in the fall. I am biased, but i think It is pretty darn cool.
Who is on it?
1. Heet Deth – No Ego
2. Resurrectionists – Foxy Powers Went to Ground
3. Hands Up Who Wants to Die – Welcome to Country
4. Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends – Chekov’s Grift
5. Lung – Maryland Monroe
6. DEAD – Pressing Matters
7. Richard Normal Valentine – Razor
8. The Art Gray Noizz Quintet – Powerhauzz
9. Suckling – South Side of the Sky
10. USA Nails – Character Stop (Live)
11. The Tunnel – Midnight
12. Crooks On Tape – Tunnel Vision Fantasy
13. Porcelain – Resume Restart
14. The Triceratops – Procrastinating
15. Vestments – Dolores Christ

It has been a lot of work, but the idea is to create something really cool and special that goes beyond clicking some “content” on the internet to be immediately consumed and moved on from.

Of the many songs included, there is a brand new Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends song called Chekov’s Grift. Anyway, buy link in the comments because that’s how the ZUCK likes it! Consider picking up a copy for this labor of love (accent on the labor… and the love… but mostly the labor!), on this… the most holy of days… bandcamp friday!

Light it up and keep it lit, because music should hit you like a Seismic Wave

-NeutronSeismic Waves: Volume 1 by Seismic Wave Entertainment